Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The website of “Artemis 1555” is under renovation. This is the reason you may not be able to see currently the full range of services offered to your attention.

But while the site is under renovation, we do not stop working.

Therefore, you may always contact us if you need:

  • Birth Certificate – for you or your ancestors;

  • Certificate of Holy Baptism – for you or your ancestors;

  • Certificate of Inheritors;

  • Marriage Certificate – for you or your ancestors;

  • Certificate of Marital Status;

  • Certificate of Marital Status for Contracting Marriage with a Foreigner;

  • Acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship;

  • Release from Bulgarian citizenship;

  • genealogical tree;

  • Certificate of Convictions (Criminal Record Certificate), legalized with Apostille – valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue;

  • Duplicate of diploma and academic workload (studied academic hours);

  • Everything related to the provisions of technical and administrative services for the real estate properties, owned by you in Bulgaria;

  • For everything concerning the activities of municipalities, Tax Offices, Ministries and all other institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria related to your rights and obligations as Bulgarian citizens;

If necessary, and upon your request, all documents issued by the Bulgarian authorities, may be certified, legalized and translated into a language specified by you.

We are holder of Certificate No. 3-128-745, issued in 2006 by the National Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria, which entitles us to act as a personal data administrator.

What exactly does it mean?

We are entitled to provide your personal data solely to those institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria related to the processing the respective case concerning the service requested by you.

We shall not provide your personal data to any third party!

This guarantees our absolute responsibility and discretion in respect to your personal data and the service requested by you.

Snezhana Krasteva